The Power of Love is the Power of Life

    A singer-songwriter presenting his most intimate prayers and Sacred songs by voice and guitar. The magical connection to the spiritual realms are rooted in the vibrations of the Rainforest and its Sacred ceremonies. Comigo is the Portuguese word for ‘With Me’ and refers to the part in all of us, that inseparable from God, Great Spirit will vibrate through all of creation and the children of Mother Nature. The Queen of the Forest. A magical call for Innerpeace to all Brothers and Sisters on this Divine Planet. Sweet tones on a Heart level !

    The sale of Comigo 's music will support the preservation and reforestation of the Amazon Forest.

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  • White Road

    • Planet of Healing
    • Sol, Lua, as Estrelas
    • Caminho de Jesus
    • Please Father
    • Bright and Strong
    • Hold On Tight
    • Can I Hear You
    • My Sweetest Love
    • Like Gold
    • One
    • Grace
    • Casa de Cura
  • Canções de Amor

    • Angel of Light
    • Canção de Amor
    • Bela Flor
    • Vamos Cantar
    • Chamados
    • Paz Mundial
    • Filho de Deus
    • Mamãe no Céu
    • Rainha da Floresta
    • Paz e Amor

The Universal Mother, The Protector of all beings, in the culture of the Amazonas is considered The Queen of the Forest, A Rainha da Floresta.

Her teachings are given through nature, and transmitted through ancient knowlegde of the 'Indios', by rituals, sacred healing ceremonies, prayer and music.

Also Comigo's songs are gifts of Her hands. The message 's of love, peace and joy in a pure and healthy relationship with nature and it 's recources are derived from Her endless inspirational source.

The sale of Comigo 's music will support the preservation and reforestation of the Amazon Forest.

Research shows that the effects of the illegal expansion livestock farming, soybean production, logging, mining and urbanization, are resulting in an impoverishment of the entire region.

Small projects are an adequate way to reverse this trend, to restore the earth, the forest, the fertility of the soil and to protect the many animal species.

Comigo will support a project that combines preservation with agrofloresta, low impact construction ecovillage with organic and permaculture. A regeneration project.

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